Hi, I’m Sarah!

A fiber artist and angora goat rancher in beautiful North Idaho. I am super passionate about angora goats and helping people learn more about them and what they can do with their mohair. Together with my mom and sister (extremely knowledgeable persons in the fiber arts and goat world), our hope is to help you grow confident as a shepherd and a fiber artist. Thanks for joining us!

Fun Facts About Sarah

I’d rather be


Listening to

the shire ambiance

grateful for

the little things

Favorite Fiber Art


my weekends

are spent outside

best snuggle buddies

definitely baby goats

Where this all began

Over the years Mom (Angela) has been constantly replying to people’s questions regarding angora goats and fiber arts with huge informative answers. Then in April of 2021, I (hi, it’s me, Sarah!) was asked what a “batting-wheel” was. This lovely person was trying to learn how to spin their own yarn and didn’t know where to start or what to even ask. I decided it was time to make a place where people could go to learn all about angora goats and the fiber arts. A caring community of fiber artists and shepherds, where there are no dumb questions. Welcome to FIB!

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