So you want to be more sustainable in your creative endeavors?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We will be sharing easy ways to help you become more sustainable as a fiber artist right now.

As a maker, you know the hard work that goes into making something. Be that a handknit sweater or weaving a rug on your floor loom.

If you’re reading this blog post it’s because you care about the process and take pride in your work.

To start, what does it mean to be sustainable?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means that “a. of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. b. of, or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods.”

We will be focusing on definition B for this particular blog post. TIP: For more definitions of sustainability, please read this article from the School of Sustainability.

We encourage you to research things for yourself in your efforts to be more sustainable. 

This list is short and practical so that you can start implementing the ways into your daily life and routine.

Even if you don’t use the following tips, our hope is that it gets you thinking about ways you can be more sustainable when creating fiber art.

Ready to make a difference? Me too, let’s look at the following ways now!


Save Your Scraps

I like to put them into jars or sealed bags categorizing them by length, fiber, or color.

You can categorize it any way you want or just put it all in one place, it all depends on how you want to repurpose it.

Here are some common ways you can reuse your scrap yarn and continue its life cycle:

  • Find an art yarn spinner and have them spin it into scrap yarn magic. If you love texture you will LOVE the finished yarn. Or card and spin it yourself!
  • Use it in tapestry weavings. Depending on the length you can use different techniques like tabby or rya. Or if your scraps are short, knot the ends together to create beautiful texture and use any technique.
  • Needle felt on details to your felt project. Like making swirls or polka dots on your felted wool dryer balls. Or create something entirely of scraps, felt away!
  • In place of using poly stuffing, try using your scraps!


Naturally Dye

Fancy some color for your fiber art project?

Try dyeing with natural dyes!

With these here or try your hand at using items around your home.

Like onion skins or turmeric powder. Have your friends save their avocado pits for you too!

Want to go a step further? Create and plant your very own dye garden!

You can pick out different dye plants for the colors you are looking for. Talk about a full circle art form!


Reuse Boxes and Packaging to Send Your Goods

If you’re a passionate fiber artist, chances are you’re selling or sending some of your goods out to family and friends.

And if you’ve turned your passion into a side hustle (go you!) you’ll also be sending out your beautiful fiber art creations.

So this tip is simple, you are already receiving supplies in the mail, so keep it’s life cycle going and reuse its packaging to send out your goods!

This will not only help you save money and cut back on packaging costs. But will help you in your endeavor to be more sustainable.

If you can’t reuse the box, remember to recycle it!*For our online shops, we personally use Eco Enclose packaging for all our orders. Check them out here.


Know your Materials

Care about where your materials are from, what they’re made of, and how they’re made.

If you only remember one of these tips, this is the one to remember!

Knowing about your materials will not only make you a better fiber artist (quality counts!) but will seriously help you to be more sustainable in your craft.

Look for local fiber farms and producers for your raw fibers and yarns.

Always read your yarn labels!

Big and name-brand yarns are usually made up of acyclic materials.

Some yarn lines will be made with real or sustainable fibers like wool, alpaca, or mohair. But rarely will they be 100% natural fiber.

So check the label, feel the yarn, and find your favorite sustainable sources.

Visit your local yarn store.

The employees are usually fellow fiber artists that are more than willing to chat all about fiber and help you find yarns that you’ll love.


Make Your Own

You’re a maker, right?

Well then join in on the slow fashion & decor movement and make your own!

Knit up a sweater, crochet some cowls, weave a tapestry, Adorn yourself and decorate your home in handmade slow fashion and decor.

Not only will you treasure what you put time and effort into making, but you’ll also be less likely to throw it away or get rid of it.

There you go, five ways on how to be a sustainable fiber artist! Remember that sharing is caring, so please pin and save this post to help others find it!

Which ways will you consider or implement into your craft? Let us know on Instagram @fiberinbetween and do share any additional ways you can think of!

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