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This list of fiber artist Facebook groups is for selling fiber, fiber art, equipment and more!

Go to our List of Fiber Artist Facebook Groups where you can connect with others, share pictures of your works, and more. This post is not sponsored by Facebook, we just really love the community found in these groups!

If you’re reading this, then you must have too much yarn? KIDDING! Or you might need a spinning wheel to make your own yarn? Or, you might need MORE yarn (haha!).

But seriously if you need to sell (or buy) anything that has to do with fiber, these are the fiber artist Facebook groups for you.

Have a raw fleece you want to sell?

Need to destash some yarn?

Want to purchase raw fiber straight from the farm with no hassle?

Have some fiber art you’d like to sell?

Want to purchase a spinning wheel?

Well, then you are in the right place, fiber friend!

Hanging Strings Tied Together

I have personally curated a list of fiber artist Facebook groups that were created for the sole purpose of SELLING and PROMOTING your fiber or fiber art.

There is just one thing that you need to join the following groups, a Facebook account. If you already have one, great! If not, don’t sweat it. You can easily open up a Facebook account for free in less than five minutes.

There will be so many fiber treasures in these groups, you’ll be so glad you joined! Like spinning wheels looking for loving new homes and yarns just waiting to be added to your stash.

Beige Fur

We will begin by sharing a group’s exact name followed by their own statement found on their Facebook about section. You can look them up, see which ones you vibe with, and join!

Okay, time to find your new online fiber ‘shop like’ communities!

Blue and White Yarn Rolls in Brown Woven Basket

“A place for fiber artists to advertise the wonderful things they create, promote their shops and advertise their wares.”

Top View Photo of Two Person's Hands Weaving

“This group was created to showcase and sell art created in fiber. This includes weaving, macrame, embroidery, punch needle, quilting (modern preferred), rug hooking and probably a few things I haven’t thought of.”

Photo of Hand Loom

“This group is for people to buy & sell fiber equipment. Please post your item for sale, your price, shipping options, and picture. Post a good description of your item. Transaction is between buyer & seller only.”

Clean fabric drying on clothesline on sunny day

“This group is for all of us who dye yarn and spinning fiber, and who love indie dyed yarn and spinning fiber. You are welcome to promote your business, share websites for your favorite indie dyers, and show us what you have made with indie dyed yarn.”

Yarn Rolls in Basket

“We are a de-stash group, for buying and selling yarn and closely yarn related items (books, needles, hooks, etc.) at de-stash prices.”

Knitting Materials in a White Basket

“A group of artistic people who knit and crochet. Share your projects, ask for assistance with a pattern. Destash and sell your yarns, needles, pattern books, buttons, etc. Sorry, since we are all knitters or people who crochet this is not a site for selling finished items. Discuss what you have on the needles. SHARE!!”

Assorted Rolls of Yarn on Brown Wicker Basket

“Feel free to share sale posts, iso ads or anything fiber related!”

Threads in a Loom

“This is a place to list fiber processing equipment and processed fiber for sale. Picture of item mandatory. Examples would include pickers, carders, skein winders, roving, batts other spinning/weaving or fiber processing related equipment or supplies. Please list any items you are looking for as well.

We hope that you enjoyed our curated list of fiber artist Facebook groups to join that sell fiber, yarn, and equipment!

Please save and share this list of fiber groups with your fiber friends!

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