Resources I love

For Raising Angora Goats


  • Barncams
  • Hoof Trimmers
  • Feed Pans
  • Water Buckets
  • Zip Ties
  • HerdEASE (for all our data keeping needs)


  • Blower
  • Scale
  • Mohair Scissors
  • Electric Clippers
  • Blade Oil


  • Cord Clamps
  • Nolvasan
  • Heatlamps
  • Kid Sweaters
  • Molasses

Brands & Companies

  • Jeffers Livestock
  • Premier 1 Vet Supplies
  • Amazon
  • Chewy
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Sydell
  • Fort Worth Shaver
pine rose and co chunky yarn

My yarn and fiber shop!

I run an online yarn and fiber shop called Pine Rose & Co! I started it in 2018 and was able to pay my way through four years of college with it. While I love your fiber support, this blog is for everyone and I share resources outside of PRC too.

The fiber artist community is just amazing and your support always humbles me. Thank you!



Some of these links are affiliate links. They are at no extra cost to you, but I may earn a small commission which goes towards supporting my work on Fiber in Between. I personally use and recommend everything linked on this page. Thank you!